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Capture Your Difference

Hi! Im Cara

I have always been different. For most my life I made that difference something that stopped me from achieving the things I knew were possible. 

At some point that general way of thinking got very old and the life I had created was simply not enough for me.

What if exploring, choosing and capturing what makes you different is the very thing that will explode into your life all the things you came here knowing were possible.

Are you ready to capture your difference?


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Baby Talk

What if communcating with your baby is way easier than you have ever considered?

Nebula Special

Symphony of Possibility session special. 

Nebulas are these magical, enormous cloud of dust, gas and myst occupying the space between stars and acting as a nursery for new stars. 


What I would like to invite you to is exploring where you have access to this amazing nebula of energy when you can create new stars for you and your life!

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Doris Schachenhofer

Cara offers a space of no judgement and a level of allowance that is an immense gift in the moments where you are ready to shift something in any area of your life.  Often these times are not the most comfortable and opening up with all the courage and vulnerability makes it so easy with someone like Cara. She contributed to me in a way that I have not been gifted so far. She is there with no expectations to assist you with what ever is going on and you leave greater. 


Alba Molteni

I love having sessions with Cara. With her questions and no judgement space that she is she allows me to see the full picture of the situation I am sticking myself in. And then, the only thing to do is laugh because it's so simple, and sometimes it has been an "issue" that I have been dealing for weeks. And amazing Cara makes me shift my perspective in 15 minutes... tops


Jocelyn Daniel

Cara is, well, just AMAZING and wonderful. She is an incredible facilitator, always spacious, always kind, always gently nudging you to trust you, know what you know, and see outside of the box of the reality that has you making you and your life small. I recently took her X-Men class, from disabilities into abilities, and it flipped my world upside down. Massive, massive awareness expansion and personal growth. I’m so very grateful for Cara Wright and HER magnificent capacities. Her potency is omnipresent and while soft and nurturing can definitely carry a punch of that is what is required to create greater for all.


Patty Alfonso

What can I say about working with the magnificent Cara Wright?! Magic, clarity and ease are the words that come to mind. Cara has facilitated me through some of the most challenging times. She helped me to see things clearly and was brilliant at poking holes in the lies I was telling myself. Working with Cara is like being wrapped in a warm blanket of kindness, caring and gratitude. She opened the doors for me to have gratitude for myself and the contribution that I am to the world. If you’re thinking about it...STOP! Just choose it and allow the magic to unfold!

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