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Baby Talk

Are you ready to say Hello! and to know that you know? As far as I can remember I have been answering the call of babies. 


20 Years as a pre-natal and postnatal yoga teacher turned doula by fate has given me countless experiences and many awarenesses. 


Along this journey I began to realize that I not only had the ability to be with women during the transitional time of conception, pregnancy and birth but that I also had a unique sense and some would say communication with the babies these women were birthing.


As I explored this unique sense, wondering if what I was hearing, sensing and aware of with the spirit babies was in fact true.  I was delighted to find over time that what I was aware of was accurate and I could facilitate a world of communication between a woman and her babe beyond what some would consider possible. 


What I offer to you as a mother, during this amazing time, is a unique doorway into your babies world that will allow you to have communication, intimacy and communion from the first moment you know each other. 


Baby Talk Conversations

Are you new to this possibility? There are so many free resources to get your baby feet wet! Including a FB group, YouTube videos, blogs and more! 


Baby Talk Presents

Join me for introduction zooms on all different Baby Talk topics. There are so many different avenues and areas to address with this topic these are a deep dive into individual areas that may interest you!


Beyond Loss

Losing a baby is never easy.  Often it shifts the whole trajectory of a woman's or couple's life.  What if you could have peace and ease with a very not easy thing?  


Private Sessions

Once of my favorite aspects of this work is that no two experiences are the same, and not one way to address all of what shows up for women, babies and couples. Private sessions allow us to facilitate what will create specifically for you!

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