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How can I contribute to you?

What do you do when you have always been a jack of all trades and a master of none? I have never been able to choose just one way to play or just one class to offer.  Does that sound like you? My guess if you are interested in what I offer, the answer is yes!

Throughout my life there have been many interests that inspired me and they all have one thing in common.  What I desire is that people are empowered to know that they know.  To have information, tools and awarenesses that can assist them to change, create and have ease with anything they would like to. 


Welcome to my world, I am so happy you found me. I truly wonder what can we create?


Access X-Men

What if every area you bought as being wrong with you or your body.... Was an element only you alone have to offer that is the greatness of you?

The Access X-Men body of work has given me the true freedom to be as different as I am in the world.  More...


Baby Talk

What if communicating with your baby is far easier and far greater than you have ever considered possible?  

No matter what stage you are pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum or even loss... you can connect and be with your child. I will show you how.  More...



Do you believe there is something you have come to contribute to the planet that is uniquely you?  For me the answer to this has always been an unequivocal YES! 

Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth is a huge part of what I know... allow me to share.  More...


Access Consciousness

What if I told you there was a toolbox of practical, easy to processes and tools that could change any area of your life you have felt stuck in?  Don't believe me? I get it, there was a time when I hoped for the best but expected to worst. 

Now everything is different for me.  More...

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