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Autistic Tourettes

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Have you ever had a sense of something that nobody wants to talk about but you can't help blurting it out? You can't help yourself; it's like trying to keep a jack in the box contained when you keep winding the handle.

I have caught myself a number of times where the words have flown out of my mouth and I realise immediately that this was something I should not have said aloud.

This is what it can be like for someone who is on the autistic spectrum. And what if this is not wrong? What if people that are on the autistic spectrum are very aware of everyone and everything around them?

It may be the very thing you're bursting to say, often can be the very thing that person is suppressing. We assume that everyone has the same awareness as we do and they would like to know about it.

The thing is if you say it aloud, they will often look at you like you have horns coming out of your head. Additionally, you may have experienced this, when you give somebody something that they cannot receive, they will return to you with daggers attached.

One of the tools that I have gained from the X-Men classes that has helped me enormously with this is the following:

Number 1

Before you open your mouth, ask in your head, 'What can this person hear and what can they receive?'

I can't tell you how much this has been a lifesaver for me. It's almost like a magic trick I end up saying exactly what that person needed to hear or sometimes I get the sense to saying nothing at all.

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