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Baby Whispering

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

We come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of different perspectives. Some may be desperate to get pregnant while others may get caught out and think, 'Oh crap I didn't want this!' Or some women from the very beginning take all precautions or actions required not to have children.

Regardless of your perspective, many women I've talked to over the years were either aware of the possibility of having children or aware of the beings that are like, 'Hey, I'm here to be your kid'.

However, many of us disregard this and say, 'Oh that's not happening, that's crazy talk'.

In addition, many of you have told me of your dreams about of your future child coming to you to say, 'I'm here to be your kid', and you wake up thinking that was crazy! And what if it's not crazy? And what if you can be aware of beings that are coming to be your children, or would like to be your children. It could be a conversation you have with that being. You could let them know whether you would like to be a parent to them or not. As opposed to putting your fingers in your ears and going, 'Lalalala...I can't hear you!'

This awareness of the being can also occur when a woman conceives and then miscarries. And although they are not physically pregnant, they can still sense the being that was there to be their child.

You might think that maybe you're insane? But what if this is actually what is occurring? What if you could still have the communication with that being? Regardless of whether you would like to get pregnant again or not.

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Baby Whispering