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Communication: Using Your Words

Do you ever feel frustrated and confused about why people have trouble following you in conversation? Have you just assumed you are a horrible communicator?

Perhaps you are not a bad communicator; it may be that you just communicate differently.

Let me introduce to you the idea of being an X-Men. In some ways, they are not all that different from the Marvel comic heroes who are also often misunderstood. Sure X-Men may not be blue and shapeshift in this reality, but they do have remarkable capacities that are often not recognised. The X-Men in our world are usually labelled as autistic, OCD, ADD, ADHD or dyslexic.

These are people who are hyper-aware of their surroundings and often communicate mentally, verbally and energetically all at once.

Do you know those times when you talk to someone, and you hardly have to speak, and they know what you are talking about. That's when you have found an X-Men and communication is just easy.

My journey in acknowledging myself and my capacities as an X-Men has allowed me to create different ways to communicate more clearly with everyone. One of my favourite tools to develop this question: 'What can this person hear?'

I know this sounds very simple, but it is useful. This question allows me to tap in energetically to what that person can hear. It also enables me to deliver the words they need to hear, precisely and effectively. This question is truly miraculous. I found myself saying things in a way that I didn't think I could explain or provide information I didn't even realise I knew!

The above is an excerpt from an interview with a good friend of mine and fellow X-Men, Ashley McCaughey, in an interview series called Revealed - How X-Men became aware of their capacity.

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