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Baby Adventure

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Your baby may be the gift to you, your body and your life that you never dreamed of.

In my prenatal and postnatal yoga my classes, I found that many of the women had the idea that their whole job was to take care of their baby. It was their job to conceive, grow, birth and take care of that child. Frequently women would become focused on the care of their baby and not what that baby is contributing to them.

What if babies are not just the receivers, perhaps they desire to give to you and your body?

Often in class, women would show up exhausted to class having symptoms such as low blood sugar or advanced swelling or other things that are common for pregnant bodies.

Having a conversation about it, we would often find the root of these symptoms was that the woman was hyper-focused on what they were providing for their baby that there was no consideration for what this baby was trying to gift them. Sometimes the child would be looking to contribute to their mom's body, for instance.

However, nobody considers that baby growing in a woman can provide an energy that can assist her. No one talks about that.

It seems to be an unspoken thing and yet just giving these women that information of, "Hey, would you be willing just to allow this baby to contribute to you?"

Perhaps that means doing something that you find relaxing like taking a bath or going for a walk, being in nature and just allow your baby to contribute to you and your body. Yes, I know it may sound far fetch, and if you relax and just be open to it, you may be surprised at what can occur.

If you pause for a moment and ponder the concept that perhaps having a child is both a mutual gifting and receiving that you and your baby can have. And look at what they may be trying to communicate to you. What are they trying to create that you're just not aware? Because often we can't hear or sense the information they would like to give us because we've got on blinders believing that we are supposed to be the one doing it all.

You are entering a new adventure with a person that although small in body may have big plans, what could you create together?

To find out more watch the full interview below:

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